Consultant in Anaesthetics and Pain Medicine

Dr Sarah Aturia is a Pain Consultant in Milton Keynes University Hospital with a private practice at BMI The Saxon Clinic and BMI The Chiltern Hospital. She recognises that persistent pain presents a considerable daily challenge to patients and strongly believes that early intervention is vital to prevent progression to a chronic state. As a result, she manages pain and its consequences minimising the potentially devastating effects on one’s quality of life.

Dr Aturia adopts a holistic approach with a tailored management plan and where relevant, the involvement of a multidisciplinary team. The individualised treatment entails medication advice and rationalising in addition to the appropriate pain procedure. She concentrates on combining techniques to target pain with emphasis on rehabilitation-physiotherapy and psychological techniques where appropriate. Her focus is to reduce the impact of pain and ultimately improve one’s quality of life, long term physical, functional and emotional wellbeing.

Dr Aturia’s elective NHS and private practices encompass all aspects of acute, chronic and cancer pain with a special interest in Spine, Musculoskeletal, Whiplash Injuries, Neuropathic, Chronic Post-Surgical and Pelvic Pain and Fibromyalgia. She has led and collaborated with clinicians in the development of numerous services that have benefited her patients and wider community.

She performs a wide range of pain interventions in a theatre environment under fluoroscopy and ultrasound guidance including:

  • Radiofrequency neurotomy for spinal facet and sacroiliac joint pain
  • Spine medial branch blocks for facet injections
  • Sacro-iliac injections
  • Greater Occipital Nerve blocks and pulsed radiofrequency
  • Sympathetic, peripheral and nerve root blocks
  • Pulsed radiofrequency of dorsal root and sympathetic ganglia, nerves and scars
  • Trigger point, scar tissue and sacro-coccygeal injections
  • Epidural and transforaminal injections
  • Capsaicin 8% treatment
  • Pain modulating drug infusions

Dr Aturia is also a Medical Expert Witness; she prepares and provides high-quality reports.

Dr Aturia graduated in 1996, before going on to higher specialist training in the Oxford School of Anaesthesia where she obtained her FRCA and FFPMRCA. She undertook a one-year Pain Fellowship at The Royal Brisbane Hospital, Queensland, Australia. She lectures undergraduates at the University of Buckingham Medical School and is a lecturer for the Essential Pain Management (EPM) Programme. EPM is an initiative of the Faculty of Pain Medicine, Royal College of Anaesthetists designed to improve pain assessment and management in developing countries.