Whiplash is a common injury caused by a quick and sudden jerk of the head sideways, backwards, or forwards. It is almost always associated with road traffic accidents; however, the causes of the injury are not confined to this:

  • A blow to the head
  • A slip forwards where the head is suddenly jerked backward or vice versa
  • Being hit on the head by a blunt or large object

It is hard to estimate the amount of time it takes for any given whiplash incident to heal; some people will begin to feel better after a few weeks or a few months, however, others may still experience their symptoms for a year or more after their injury.

Symptoms of whiplash can vary, but common ones include:

  • Tenderness of the neck and neck pain
  • Difficulty turning your head due to stiffness and pain
  • Spasms of the neck muscles
  • Shoulder or upper arm pain
  • Headaches
  • Tightness in the neck

Management of Whiplash

Our individualised holistic approach:
Full history and assessment
Education about Whiplash so you can take steps to manage the condition
Occupational and lifestyle advice
Medication review and optimisation
Physiotherapy and exercises enabled by the window of pain relief from medications and interventions
Psychology based treatments

Pain interventions:
Trigger point injections
Medial Branch Blocks
Radiofrequency Neurotomy of Medial Branches
Facet joint injections
Greater occipital nerve block
Greater occipital nerve pulsed radiofrequency